[Mrs.] M. Pakalnienė, a teacher at the eight-year school, visited the parents of certain students before Easter in 1973, demanding that they would not send their children to church during the retreat and on Easter Sunday.

    In 1972, just before All Saints Day, a teacher in Bagaslaviškis sternly warned his students not to go to church; he threatened them, saying that those who go to church will be expelled from school and will have to request admission into other schools.

    The rayon administration and the teachers of the secondary school in Širvintos have become concerned that students ate attending church in greater numbers. The principal has remarked that formerly students would stammer, indecisively expressing their unwillingness when they were urged to join the Young Communist League, but now they boldly declare: "I can't join the Young Communist League because I believe in God!" Responding to a question concerning their opinion on religion, tenth-class students stated that it is necessary for man and society.

    On Easter Sunday, 1973, the principal himself came to the church in Širvintos to spy on his students. The following day, certain students were upbraided for having been in church on Easter. T. Gurskis, a tenth-class student, was a particular target since he had played the violin during the services.

    "Don't ruin your life and career; don't disgrace the Soviet school," said one teacher. "Perhaps I should write it down in your school record so as to hurt your chances of getting into a school of higher education?"

    T. Gurskis declared that if he could not finish his secondary schooling in Širvintos, he would go elsewhere.



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