"Tiesos Kelias" (Way of Truth). In June, the 4th issue of this publication made its appearance. It deals with factual events in the lives of priests. It would be advisable for all the priests in Lithuania to read the article "What Kind of Priest I Would Like to See".

"Rūpintojėlis" (Suffering Christ). In May of 1977, the first issue of Rūpintojėlis, an underground publication made its appearance. In the Preface of this periodical it is stated: "We have chosen the title Rūpintojėlis, since we want this publication to symbolize all that a wayside shrine used to simbolize of the roads of Lithuania." Even though many of its readers received the magazine warmly, they would like to see more articles dealing with actual problems, especial­ly those dealing with our youth. Of benefit also would be to increase the number of copies printed.

"Laisvės Šauklys" (The Herald of Freedom). In May of 1976, there appeared the first issue of a public newspaper of free Lithua­nians. Up to now 6 issues of this periodical have been printed. The number of issues printed is very small. "May these pages bear witness to the unquenshable longing of our nation for freedom, about the efforts of those individuals who by almost inhuman means continue the traditions of a free people", proclaim the editors of the first issue of this publication.

Dievas ir Tėvyne" (God and Country). Four issues of this publica­tion have already made their appearance. In the last issue 2 letters of Nijolė Sadūnaitė written from her exile camp and another by the Rev. Antanas Ylius were printed. The Rev. Ylius demanded that the procurator of the TSR that libelious articles and books would be removed from circulation. The following publications dealt in a libelious fashion with the Rev. A. Ylius: "You are not telling the truth, Father", "The Way Against the People", and "Class Struggle in Lithuania (1940-1951). Thirty-two pagees of Dievas ir Tėvyne are taken up with the article "An Inquisition of Christians and Non-Believers." This article deals factualy with the inquisitions during the Middle Ages and compares them with the Godless inquisitions of Hitler's Germany, Soviet Russia, China and other socialist countries.

Lithuanian, remember the following

Petras Plumpa, Povilas Petronis, Nijolė Sadūnaitė, Sergiejus Kovalev. Ona Pranskūnaitė, Vladas Lapienis, J. Matulionis bear the shackles of imprisonment so that you may freely believe and live.