On April 26, 1977, Tiesa (Truth) printed a long article by the pastor of Sidabravas, the Rev. Vytautas Starkus, "Why I Left the Wrong Road", which tries to convince the reader that the most important factor in Father Starkus' "eye opening" is the Vatican Radio's slandering of the Soviet government. As an example, Father Starkus points to the fact that Vatican Radio accused Soviet motor vehicle inspectors of revoking the driver's license of a sober Father J.(uozas) Zdebskis. In the article, the author Starkus as­serts that he has associated with Father Zdebskis and knows that he likes to drink.

Father Starkus writes that, while still studying at the seminary, he became convinced that the Soviet system respects the rights of the faithful.

Every clear-minded reader, who reads the article understands that it is written by the KGB, using Father Starkus' hand.

Father Starkus recounted to priests from Panevėžys the following events: Upon entering the seminary, he was recruited to work as a KGB agent. The Security police agreed to allow him to study at the seminary on the condition that he renounce the priesthood after several years of serving as a priest. Father Starkus agreed to this con­dition, thinking that he would somehow extricate himself from the KGB trap after being ordained.

That was the beginning of Father Starkus' tragedy. Morally broken, he was incapable of being a good seminarian and the seminary administration wanted to expel him, but he completed the seminary with the backing or certain priests.

Father Starkus related how the Security police drove him one night to the woods near Skaistkalnė (Latvian SSR) and threatened to shoot him if he failed to keep his promise.

   Father J. Zdebskis has stated that he never associated with Father Starkus and that the item in the article about Father Zdebskis' behavior is a blatant lie.

The priests of Lithuania are of the opinion that the diocesan chanceries should view more seriously the behavior of morally bankrupt priests and not allow them to undermine what zealous priests are building at great sacrifice. Moreover, the seminary should not allow into Christ's vineyard priests who are clearly unfit for such work.