1.    Aušra (Dawn), nos. 16 and 17. The latter is devoted to the fortieth anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
2.    Perspektyvos (Perspectives), nos. 11 and 12.
3.    Alma Mater, nos. 2 and 3.
4.    Rūpintojelis (The pensive Christ), no. 10. The issue is devoted to young people.
5.    Vytis (Knight [emblem of the Lithuanian state — Tr.]), nos. 1, 2, and 3. A new nationalistically oriented publication which appeared in the summer of 1979.
6.    Ateitis (Future), no. 1. The promotional page states: "Young people! In your hands is Ateitis, a revived publication for Lithuania's youth .... It hopes to lead the youth of Lithuania to that day when Lithuania is free once again."
7.    Tiesos kelias (The path of truth), no. 13.

Fellow Lithuanian, Do Not Forget!

    Petras Plumpa, [Miss] Nijole Sadūnaite, Sergei Kovalev, Vladas Lapienis, Balys Gajauskas, Viktoras Petkus, Petras Paulaitis, and others are enduring the yoke of bondage in order that you may live and believe in freedom.

*    *    *

    The Prosecutor's Office of the Lithuanian SSR is threatening to 'deal' with the following members of the Catholic Committee for the Defense of Believers' Rights: Father Sigitas Tamkevičius, pastor of Kybartai, and Father Alfonsas Svarinskas, pastor of Viduklė.