S k a u d v i l ė (Taurage Rayon)

On March 4, 1985, Principal Bružas of the Skaudvilė Middle School, Vice Principal Beiškienė and teachers Jancevičius, Mrs. Jancevičienė and Mrs. Eituviene interrogated pupils, actually driving the smaller ones to tears, for participating in the transfer of the living rosary, February 24, in Taurage. Some of the pupils had their deportment mark lowered.

Saldutiškis (Utena Rayon)

In October, 1985, in Saldutiškis, the local pastor, Father Juozapas Masalskis, was being buried. Right across from the churchyard is the middle school. Just so that pupils would not drop into church during recess, hear the preaching or see the bishop, the teachers locked the school doors. The locked-in children jumped out the window.

Bagalaviskis (Širvintai Rayon)

On November 1, 1985, Bagaslaviškis Middle School Principal, Mrs. Elena Pakalnienė, was terminated because her son, while vacationing at his grandmother's, received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the church of Gelvuonai.