Aušra (The Dawn) No. 11/51. This issue contains a detailed account of the kangaroo trial of Balys Gajauskas in Vilnius. It contains much information of the 30-year suffering of political prisoner P. Paulaitis in the Gulag. The issue is dedicated to Gajauskas and Paulaitis.

Dievas ir Tėvynė (God and Country) No. 8. This issue contains several articles which are truly worthy of attention: "Betrayal" and "Soviet Constitution—Shame of the Era."

The article "Betrayal" writes: "It is suggested that all betrayer-priests who have not yet lost their faith, send forthwith state­ments to the security police categorically refusing such collabora­tion."


P. (etras) Plumpa, N.(ijolė) Sadūnaitė, S.(ergei) Kovalev, O.(na) Pranskūnaitė, V.(ladas) Lapietis, B.(alys) Gajauskas, V.(iktoras) Petkus and others who bear the shackles of prison so that you might freely live and believe!