On December 5, 1981, security agents and militiamen sur­rounded and forced their way their way into the home of Magda­lena Kuncevičiūtė (at Alyvų g. No. 4), where Father Pranciškus Šuls­kis was celebrating Holy Mass and a group of believers was praying. Father Pranciškus Šulskis was shot by chekists in 1946 and has been unable to use his legs for the past thirty-six years and therefore always offers Holy Mass in his room.

The intruders began to photograph the praying people. The chekists went through all the rooms, photographed the rosaries and books they found, searched the attic and confiscated issue No. 49 of the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania they found on a table. The security agents insisted that the praying immediately cease and documents be produced. Despite the din the intruders caused, the assembled people sang hymns and recited part of the rosary. When the women requested that the intruders identify them­selves, only Housing Authority Chief Granickas gave his name. One security agent stated that a complaint had been received that young people are lured into this house. After the documents were checked. Father Šulskis was carried back to his home under security agent escort. The officials drafted a report but the homeowner refused to sign it.

Those who did not have their papers with them were forcibly placed in vehicles and taken to the militia department "for identity verification." Three security agents who did not dare give their names questioned the women. When one woman refused to talk to an unidentified interrogator, Major Arbačiauskas gave his name. Some of the detained women were repeatedly interrogated, others were taken home to check their documents or were forced to write explana­tions. At 11:00 P.M., after four hours of interrogation, the women were allowed to go home, but their troubles did not end there. New interrogations were immediately launched.

Several days later, Marytė Aleksaitė was questioned at the Alytus militia about how she happened to be at the services, whether she knows Father Sigitas Tamkevičius, whether she is a nun, etc. The interrogator suggested that Aleksaitė become a spy: inform them what nuns are doing, where they go, what they discuss, etc. Later, Aleksaitė was interrogated two more times. In February 1982, the parents of Marytė Aleksaitė were summoned to the security police for interrogation.

On December 9, 1981, a female chekist interrogated Vilnius resident Regina Liukinevičiūtė about the December 5th services in Mariampolė. During the questioning, the chekist maintained that Liukinevičiūtė was a nun and promised to meet with her again in the future.

On December 11, 1981, Stasė Jakubonytė, a resident of Vilnius, was also interrogated. The female security agent charged the woman with attending a meeting of nuns. The interrogator maintained that under the cloak of praying, nuns spread anti-Soviet propaganda. "We know," shouted the agent, "that you are well acquainted with Father Sigitas Tamkevičius!" The security agent was incensed that after the march to Šiluva was prevented, believers attempted to march at other times.

On December 11, 1981, Magdalena Kuncevičiūtė was inter­rogated in Marijampolė. The security agent charged the owner of the house with hiding the young people who attended the December 5th services. The interrogator asked about Nijolė Sadūnaitė, Genė Navickaitė and Ona Vitkauskaitė, whether she reads the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, etc. The security agent attempted convince her that, by engaging in such activities, she and her friends will land in prison.

On December 11, 1981, Stasė Burkutė, a resident of Kapsukas, was summoned for interrogation. The chekist was interested in con­vents, the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, Nijolė Sadūnaitė, Genė Navickaitė, Ona Vitkauskaitė, etc. Following the interrogation, the security agents took Gene Burkutė home where they took a sample of her typewriter type and promised to meet again in the future.

During an interrogation on December 11, 1981, a security agent told Eugenija Kalvaitytė: "You older people can pray, but you must not corrupt young people." After threatening that she would suffer serious consequences for organizing religious meetings, the chekist ordered Kalvaitytė to warn all nuns that organizing marches and religious meetings is forbidden.

At the beginning of December 1981, a search was conducted at the home of Marytė Navickienė. The woman was charged with duplicating religious literature. Following the search, she was inter­rogated several times.

On December 19, 1981, Father Pranciškus Šulskis, residing in Marijampolė at Laukaitytės g. 19, described in his statement to Bishop Liudvikas Povilonis how militiamen and security agents inter­rupted services on December 5th and took twenty-four persons to the militia department.

On January 26, 1982, Stase Burkutė was interrogated a second time. The security agent again put up a smokescreen, stating that praying is permitted but engaging in politics is not, as if Burkutė and the others were not praying but overthrowing the Soviet govern­ment on December 5th.

On January 28, 1982, Zina Kuzmickaitė was interrogated. According to the security agent, Kuzmickaitė is a member of the underground.

On January 29, 1982, Stasys Kuzmickas was interrogated. The security agent gave him the address of Stasė Burkutė and ordered him to go there and tell the nuns not to drag his daughter to prison.

On February 1, 1982, Ona Reklaitytė was interrogated. Chekist Jakovlev threatened that Reklaityte could end up in prison for working with children and young people.