The Rev. V. Pesliakas, pastor of the parish in Juodaičiai, underwent medical treatment in June, 1972. When he returned home, he learned that the Raseiniai Rayon administration had been searching for him since the middle of June, demanding that he pick up his registration certificate and assume the duties of curate in Viduklė as soon as possible. H.E. Bishop Labukas explained to him that Rugienis had demanded his transfer to Viduklė, and H.E. Bishop Krikščiūnas told him: "You did your work well, but you should realize that Bishop Labukas will not leave two dioceses and travel to Žagarė on your account." (Žagarė is the residence of the exiled Bishop Steponavičius— ed.)

H.E. Bishop Labukas directed Father Pesliakas to assume the duties of curate of Viduklė or be suspended: "If you don't start work as the curate of the church in Viduklė by September 20, 1972, inclusive, you will be ipso facto stispensus a divinis." (The performance of priestly duties will be prohibited—ed.)

Realizing that the bishop was transferring him to Viduklė and demoting his position only because of pressure by Rugienis, Father Pesliakas refused to go to his new assignment.

On September 26, 1972, three officials from Raseiniai came to Juodaičiai Locality and declared to the executive body of the Church: "Your pastor is disobeying the bishop. He is being removed from his position..."

The aforementioned fact surprised all the people very much—how greatly the civil authorities were interferring in the internal affairs of the Church.

In his memorandum of Oct. 10, the Rev. V. Pesliakas wrote to the bishop: "Taking into consideration the cited facts and the common opinion of a majority of the clergy, I am firmly convinced and truly regretful that someone forced Your Excellency into writing such letters on my account. For this reason, I consider them false and void."

H.E. Bishop Labukas lifted the suspension, and the Rev. Pesliakas went away for medical treatment.

In December Father Pesliakas was appointed to the church in Viduklė as a retired priest.