In Spite of Evidence to the Contrary, Lies are Repeated.

The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania No. 15 wrote about dishonorable falsification by the Soviet press — the newspaper Soviet Teacher accused Radio Vatican of fabricating "dead souls" (teachers) and slandering them.

Even though Radio Vatican unmasked this falsification, it is repeated. The March 20, 1975 radio broadcast of "Akiratis", and the April 4 issue of the weekly Kalba Vilniusannounced again that the Vatican radio broadcasts fabricated information. The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania checked the facts and adds to the material found in No. 15.

Children Warned Not to Go to Church

Teacher Mažeika who worked in High School No. 25 of Klaipėda, was transferred two years ago to High School No. 18 of Klaipėda. While working at High School No. 5 he mocked students who attended church.

One time before Easter, Mažeika threatened the children; "Don't try to go to church, or I will give you a two in history!" (This is attested by ex-pupils of Mažeika, whose names are known to the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania—Editor).

Students Ordered to Shout "There is no God!"

(Mrs.) Irena Arlauskienė, a teacher at Šilutė Primary School (now the principal of the school), according to one of her students, ordered the students during a lesson to shout loudly three times: "There is no God!"

Some remained silent and others shyly shouted, while Teacher Arlauskienė shouted the loudest.

"Since I did not know anything about God, I was silent. Now I would speak out boldly: "You are wrong, teacher, there is a God!", says a student about her ex-teacher's "instruction".

Those Unwilling to Fill out Questionnaires Had Their Hands Slapped.

The principal of the primary school of Kašučiai, Povilaitis, used to slap the hands of those students who did not want to fill out applications to the Communist Youth Organization. When he met one student in Darbėnai, the principal would start to shout: "You pervert, did you come here to go to church?" The parents could not stand such terrorization by the principal; they complained and a commis­sion came to investigate.

Security Demands Retraction of Stated Facts

The Soviet Teacher (January 24, 1975) stated that the Executive Committee of the Region of Kretinga, County of Darbėnai, attested with its seal and the signatures of the chairman and secretary, dated November 28, 1974, that there were no conflicts or complaints between the principal of the Kašučiai primary school, Povilaitis, and the students or teachers.

What was the occasion for such a statement to be issued by the County of Darbėnai? Meanwhile, the Security Committee, wishing to compromise the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania is collecting similar statements, is interrogating persons written up in the Chronicle about why they told of a certain event and coercing them to deny it. At the demand of Security, not only the County of Darbėnai but all the counties of Lithuania would write, if necessary, even a hundred similar statements, just so the Chronicle would be discredited and that no newspaper and no radio station would dare to use material gathered by it.

Journalist Mockevičius Gets His News from Security

Journalist Vytautas Mockevičius, author of the articles "That Lying Vatican Mouthpiece" and "That Superstition Should Not Darken Our Youth", judging by given facts, is using material given to him by Security, therefore, the initiator of this falsification is not just some journalist but the Security Committee.

* * *