On August 23, 1977, Šiauliai resident (Mrs) Petkevičienė was summoned to the Vilnius Security Police. She was interrogated for two days in connection with the case of Balys Gajauskas. At first, she was questioned by Interrogator Kazys. His coarse and obscene language was reminiscent of the terrible Beria era.

Mr. Petkevičius was also interrogated. The interrogators sug­gested to the Petkevičiuses that they emigrate abroad.


On August 23, 1977, at about 1:00 P.M., at the Vilnius railroad station, security police arrested Viktoras Petkus, a member of the

Lithuanian Helsinki Group, and another young man (name un­known). After being interrogated, the young man was released the following day. In the afternoon, a search was conducted in the Petkus apartment and two typewriters and many documents were confiscated.

At present Viktoras Petkus is being held at the State Security Prison, Vilnius, Lenino 40.


Engineer-Economist Antanas Terleckas was also arrested at the same time. The security police began searching his home the evening of the 23rd and finished the following day around 5:00 p.m. They dug up the garden and around the house. They found much hidden material. After several days of interrogation, Terleckas was released and forced to sign a pledge to refrain from anti-Soviet activity in the future.


At the beginning of May 1977, former long-term political prisoner (served two prison terms, a total of 17 years) Kęstutis Jokubynas left for Canada.

As soon as he had left, the Security police mounted a slander campaign against him. Close friends and acquaintances of Kęstutis endorse his leaving, because moral death awaited him in his native land.

Kęstutis Jokubynas is a decent, good man and Lithuanian, who has devoted his entire life to his native land.

Because Jokubynas personally knows many Russian dissidents, he will be able to be a good intermediary between Lithuanian activists and Russian dissidents. Russian dissidents are numerous and influential in the Soviet Union and abroad. Therefore, they can provide great assistance to us Lithuanians, the representatives of a small nation.

The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania wishes Kęstutis Jokubynas countless blessings from the Lord.