The Rev. A. Šeškevičius continues to be subjected to discrimination. He is not permitted to test children who are preparing for their First Communion; he does not have the right to travel alone outside the boundaries of his parish; he was not allowed to conduct a retreat for the clergy at the church in Šilalė. When Father Šeškevičius appealed to the Council for Religious Affairs in Moscow, he was told that he was not being discriminated against.


A motorcyclist slightly grazed the car of the Rev. A. Keina, the pastor of Valkininkai. There was no crash, and no one was hurt. The local atheists called in the Varėna auto-inspectors, who revoked the pastor's driver's license for three years.

 In 1970, when Father Keina had started to put a new roof on his church, he was called to serve in the army for twenty days. When he started to lay down a new floor in the church this year—they revoked his driver's license for three years.


Because Father Montvila, the pastor of Lukšiai, did not banish from the altar the children who served mass (see the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, no. 2), he was transferred, by order of Rugienis, to the parish in Vištytis, which is located near the border.