Aušra (The Dawn) No. 12 (52). The issue, which appeared in
August, is devoted to Lithuanian Helsinki Group member Viktoras
Petkus.                                            .

Tiesos kelias (The Way of Truth) No. 10. This issue was published
at the end of September of this year (1978).         ^

Rūpintojėlis (The Suffering Christ) No. 6. Published in October.

Perspektyvos (Perspectives) Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4. The first issue of this publication appeared around August. Each issue covers only one subject, for example, No. 1—"Socialism, Communism and Democ­racy", No. 2—"My Country and World" by A. Sacharov, No. 3—"The Rubicon" by M. Baskas, No. 4—"Thank you, Party!"

The publishers write in the foreword: Perspektyvos will raise problems of daily life, will point out possible ways of solving them, will offer readers the opportunity to express their views and opinions. It will present the views of those in the Soviet Union who are per­secuted and even imprisoned for their opinions and beliefs.

"Perspektyvos wants to help find roads that will lead from the present impasse to renewal, based on the principles of true democracy and the foundations of international commitments.

"Perspektyvos will publish not only original articles but also broader essays which cannot now be published in the official Lithua­nian SSR press. It will also publish translations, but only of authors who now live or have lived in the Soviet Union but who, for their convictions, are persecuted until they either leave or are exiled abroad.

"Perspektyvos will not avoid printing harsher critical articles in its pages, but only those in keeping with article 49 of the USSR Constitution and article 47 of the Lithuanian SSR Constitution, which permit presenting suggestions in any form whatsoever to govern­ment organs (including the highest ones) for the purpose of improving work and criticizing shortcomings.

"All Perspektyvos articles, without exception, will be printed ac­cording to the rules of debate, in keeping with the following principle: Respect the other individual's opinion even when you do not agree with it.

Perspektyvos hopes to gain the support of fellow Lithuanians in spreading and strengthening independent thought and does not wish to remain solely within the haven of those who admire the underground press."


When sending news to the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, always include, if known, the full name and clear surname, and if not, the first name initial.

We also ask readers to send information to the Chronicle on all known prisoners (excluding criminals) indicating: When convicted? For what? Place of imprisonment? When the sentence ends?

Fellow Lithuanian, Don't Forget! P.(etras) Plumpa, N.(ijolė) Sadūnaitė,S.(ergei) Kovalev, O.(na) Pranskūnaite, V(ladas) Lapienis, B.(alys Gajauskas, V.(iktoras) Petkus and others who bear the shackles of prison so that you might live and believe freely!