For the past four hundred years this country's oldest school of higher learning—the University of Vilnius—has been shining brightly and generously beaming the light of knowledge into the hearts and minds of people on the amber shores of the Baltic, in Lithuania's capital Vilnius. This center of knowledge was founded for Lithuania by the Jesuit Order and through the concern, dedication and work of its members it provided Lithuania with scholars, the spiritual and material founders of the nation's culture.

On the occasion of this venerable anniversary (1579-1979), the believing people of Lithuania thank through you, the Jesuit Order for that precious gift to our Motherland, remember in their prayers the known and unknown members of the Jesuit Order who ever worked at the University of Vilnius and regret that today this temple of learning, which, as conceived by its founders, had the duty to recognize the truth, defend it and propagate it, is today used to falsify the truth, to reject it or completely deny it.

What a mockery of the founders' concept: at the school founded by the Jesuit Order, today not a single believing individual has the right to study, not a single priest has the right to set foot there, nor does any member of the Order from either Lithuania or abroad.

Today, atheism—which has never been and never will be learn­ing—is being spread from this temple of learning, atheism which fiercely attempts to deny, conceal or distort the primary source of all truth: the eternal Truth, God.

Please remember in your prayers our suffering Motherland Lithuania.