1. Alma Mater, No. 1. This new publication appeared at the begin­ning of 1979. The publishers of Alma Mater are prepared to act as Defenders of the Truth. The publication is well edited, current and aimed at university students. Lithuania has long needed such a publication. The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania wishes the publishers of Alma Mater God's blessing in making a valuable contribution to the future of the Nation and the Church.

2. Aušra (The Dawn), No. 15 (55;. Date of publication: February 1979. The Chroniclerecommends that priests and intel­lectuals thoroughly acquaint themselves with the petition of L. Regelsonas "To the Authorities of the USSR." L. Regelsonas, a scholar, convert and the father of a large family, can be held up as an example to many on how truth must be cherished and courage­ously defended. The issue contains much valuable information.

3. Dievas ir Tėvynė (God and Country), No. 11. The issue contains the revised version of the poem by Bičiulis "Night Visitor" and the story "Night" which tells of a priest's interroga­tion at KGB headquarters.

4. Tiesos kelias (The way of the Truth), No. 12. The issue reportas on the activity of the Catholic Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Believers, on Pope John Paul II and his work. Several articles are included on the pastoral ministry of priests and on the life of the Catholic Church in the modern world: an outline of Pope John Paul II's encyclical "Young Revolutionaries," etc.

5.      Rūpintojėlis (Suffering Christ), No. 8 & 9. Both issues appeared in April. Issue No. 8 reports in detail on the popular "Friends of the Eucharist" movement in Lithuania. The aware and believing youth of Lithuania should join this movement in as great numbers as possible, and priests should support it to the best of their ability.

Issue No. 9 contains an article on the late Father Karo­lis Garuckas, S.J., a former contributor to Rūpintojėlis under the pen name Vaidevutis.

6.      Perspektyvos (Perspectives) No. 7, 8 and 9. All three issues appeared simultaneously. As in earlier issues, Perspektyvos continues to print many valuable articles in a dialogue format. In the report "Press Conference in Vilnius' the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania and its disseminators abroad are accused of not fully disclosing the problems of the Nation and Church. The Chronicle hopes its believing and non-believing brothers in the homeland will supplement by their actions what it fails to accomplish.

7.      Lietuvių archyvas (Archives of the Lithuanians), Vol. I (VI). Published by the "Lithuanian Historical Fund." This volume contains the memoirs of Alfonsas Andriukaitis entitled "Punishment Without a Crime." They depict the Way of Calvary traveled by the Andriukaitis family and not only by them: by thousands of the best

Lithuanians. Lithuania's intelligentsia and young people preparing to venture forth into the world should read Vol. VI of Lietuvių archyvas. Our thanks to the author for such a valuable memoir.


"News from the Dioceses" in issue No. 36 of the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania contained an item about the caretaker of the Didvyžiai church, (Miss) Z. Dvylaitė, being interrogated. The correct name of the elderly woman is Z. Dvylaitytė. She takes care of the Slabadai chapel and not the Didvyžiai church.


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