August 16, 1951

Marijampole Rayon Council of Workers Deputies Executive Committee

To:   The Executive Committee of the Liudvinas Catholic Parish

In reply to your statement regarding permission to hold services on August 26, 1951 and hold a procession around the church, I inform you, as directed by the chairman of theRayon Executive Committee, that priests are not allowed to come from outside the parish.

The procession is not permitted in the churchyard, because the churchyard is not completely screened from the outside.

Chief of the General Department


August 1, 1963

Liudvinavas District Council of Workers Deputies To: The Pastor of the Liudvinavas Church

The Executive Committee of the Liudvinavas District Council of workers Deputies informs you, on the basis of a telegram received from the Executive Committee of theRayon of Kapsukas, that per­mission is not granted to hold any devotions in August of this year in connection with spreading livestock disease.

Chairman of the Liudvinavas District Vaida


Petras Plumpa, Nijole Sadunaite, Sergei Kovalev, Vladas Lapie-nis, Balys Gajauskas, Viktoras Petkus, Petras Paulaitis and others who bear the shackles of prison so that you may freely live and believe.

Liudas Simutis who served 22 years in Soviet labor camps for the freedom of the Nation and Church is being driven out of Lithuania!