In the summer of 1963, [Miss] Nijolė Siekytė, a fifth-class student living in Rubinavas Village, used to come to church with her mother. At the beginning of the school year, her teacher [Mrs.] Statkevičienė, upbraided Nijolė for going to church, saying that by doing so she had dishonored her school uniform. She ordered the girl to explain in the presence of all the students why she had attended church and to denounce herself. Having climbed onto the stage, Nijolė began to cry. Teacher Statkevičienė and several other teachers ordered Nijolė to go home and not to return to the school anymore. Nijolė returned home weeping, threw her books into a corner, and told her parents she would not be going to school anymore. Later, at the urging of other teachers, she began to attend school once again. The atheistic teachers, nevertheless, did not cease to hother her. That was why the girl transferred to an evening school for youth.