No. 4 1972

• The true situation of the Catholic Church in Lithuania; the attempts to involve Church leaders, the clergy, and the faithful in the atheistic cause

• Pastor responds by letter to accusations made by the commissioner of the Council for Religious Affairs (Father Laurinavičius)

• Parents send a petition to Brezhnev asking that their children be allowed freedom of conscience

• Pilgrimages to a religious festival at Šiluva are disrupted

• Thousands of crosses are destroyed on the Hill of Crosses

• Searches and harassment are the aftermath of a petition to Brezhnev

• Desecration of a crucifix goes unpunished

• Schoolgirl heroically resists harassment for playing the organ in church

• Schoolgirl is persecuted for attending church

• Canon confirms 3000; only two assistants are permitted

• Pastor is rebuked for permitting girls to wear the national costume during a procession (Father Jareckas)

• Pastor is refused permission to visit family members in the United States (Father Masilionis)

• Priest liberated from prison is greeted by parishioners (Father J. Zdebskis)

• 4000 children are confirmed

• Prayer for the Homeland