On November 24, 1979, KGB officials conducted a search in the home of Povilas Pečeliūnas, residing in Vilnius at 2 Skorinos St. It was begun at 9:15 a.m. and completed at 6:30 p.m. The search was directed by Lt. Col. Liniauskas. The four KGB employees did not show their identifications; the witnesses were Vilius Čiapas and Andriejus Dropovas. Confiscated material included:
—personal notes, letters, creative writing, manuscripts
—the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania
Alma Mater
Perspektyvos (Perspectives)
Lietuvių archyvas (Lithuanian archives)
—notes from books read, a personal notebook
—typewritten books, for example, Atlaidų rinkinys (Collection of indulgences), Stigmatizuotoji Teresė Neumanatė (Theresa Neuman, the stigmatic), etc.

The security police accused Pečeliūnas, a Lithuanian-language teacher, of editing the publication Alma Eater as well as collaborating on other underground publications. They questioned about the methods used to send underground publications abroad; about author R. Lankauskas and university instructor V. Skuodis; they asked Pečeliūnas to "help" the security police and mentioned that General Petkevičius and Internal Security Deputy Minister General Žemgulys were interested in "this" case. After the interrogation, Pečeliūnas was released "to think things over."


On November 24, 1979, KGB First Lt. J. Matulevičius along with the security agents V. Grakauskas, B. Romanov, and N. Basko in the presence of the witnesses Regina Malinovskaya and [Mrs.] Birutė Petraitienė conducted a search in the home of [Miss] Dana Keršiūtė. The search was begun at 8:15 a.m. and finished at 5:10 p.m. A typewriter, writing paper, and carbon paper were confiscated. A personal search was conducted by N. Basko, who even ordered Keršiūte to undress, but she refused to comply.

After the search, Keršiūtė was interrogated but refused to testify. At the Cultural Ministry, where she is employed, Keršiūtė was ordered to write a statement of resignation, but she refused. (Her superior had complained that documents disappear from the department, that Keršiūtė is deeply religious, and so on.)

During an interrogation on November 26, Keršiūtė was told she could be corrupted morally or confined to a psychiatric hospital, etc. She refused to testify about other individuals, however.


On November 24, 1979, a search was conducted in the home of Vilnius University instructor Vytautas Skuodis, residing at 44-4 Vandentiekis St. The search was begun at 8 a.m. and concluded at 7 p.m. It was directed by KGB Major Vilimas, who was assisted by five security agents; [Miss] V. Tubelytė and [Miss] G. Martinkaitė acted as witnesses. During the search the following was confiscated:
—a number of manuscripts, notes
—a book prepared by V. Skuodis on atheistic propaganda entitled Dvasinis genocidas Lietuvoje (Spiritual genocide in Lithuania)
Jobo drama (Drama of Job) by A. Maceina
—several underground publications: Aušra (Dawn), Perspektyvos (Perspectives), Rūpintojelis (The pensive Christ), Pastogė, no. 1 (Shelter no. 1)
—two typewriters, a portable tape recorder, etc.
Following the search, Vytautas Skuodis was interrogated three times as to where he had obtained the underground literature, to whom he had given it, how involved he was with it, etc. Prof. Skuodis affirmed he is the author of the book Dvasinis genocidas Lietuvoje but refused to provide any further information.


"Office of234321 m. Kulautuva
VS-389/35 23-2 Akacijos St.
November 9, 1979 to [Mrs.] A. Pliuirien
No. P-15

"In reference to your letter of October 29, 1979,1 am informing you that the right to receive ordinary parcels has been revoked from Citizen P. s. V. Plumpa on September 31,

N. Osin 
Department head 
Isp.t. B. I. Volkov"

"Office ofLithuanian SSR, m. Kulautuva
VS-389/35 23-2 Akacijos St.
August 15, 1979 to Citizen [Mrs.] A. Pliuirienė
No. P-11
"This is to inform you that your husband, Plumpa, as a result of changes in the conditions of detention has the right to write one letter every two months.

N. M. Osin 
Head of VS-389"