"A Proposal to Strengthen the Fight against Religious Extremism 
and Improve the Control of 
Adherence to Cult Laws

    "1. See to it that priests and other religious not usurp the rights of parents in preparing children for catechization and confirmation.

    "2. Issue written and verbal reprimands to individuals who have violated Soviet laws regarding cults.

    "3. Organize the monitoring of sermons, regularly summarize them, and use them in antireligious propaganda to unmask extremists.

    "4. Compile a personal file on every clergyman disposed toward extremism, including data on all his activities, documents showing the methods used to re-educate him. When a clergyman moves to another religious association, this file is to be forwarded to the local executive committee.

    "5. Skillfully and flexibly, without injuring the feelings of believers, conduct individual and group discussions with religious students and their parents to prevent their falling under religious influence and more effectively draw them away from the Church.

    "6. Assign teachers to work on an individual basis with parents whose children sing in church choirs, serve at mass, etc. Hear reports every month on the work of these teachers.

    "7. Conduct an accurate census of children and young people from extremist families and prepare concrete methods of working with them.

    "8. As far as is possible arrange for patients, when they personally request this, to meet with the clergy, go to confession, and receive the last rites."

    N. B. This proposal was drafted by the Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party.