Petras Plumpa has been kept in virtual isolation tor over a year. No letters are being received from him, no parcels may be sent him; he is forbidden visits.

     His friends at the labor camp have reported that because of poor health he cannot perform the heavy work quotas and is, therefore, continually subjected to starvation and cold in a punishment cell.


*     *     *

     After his trial (November 19,1979) Romas Ragaišis was imprisoned for two and one-half months in Kapsukas and is now serving his sentence in Tomsk. He was convicted of supposedly speculating in eyeglasses.
His current address:
     634020 Tomsk, 
     p/ja 114/1 otriad 6.

     He will complete his sentence on July 9 of this year. Romas Ragaišis is one of many KGB victims.

*     *     *

     In a letter dated February 29, 1980, Vladas Lapienis wrote: "Police officials have told me I am permitted to live only in a dormitory. They have been given these instructions by the security police." Exiles are usually only told the area in which they must live. His current address:
     663293, Teya,
     Krasnojarskiy kr.,
     Severo-Yeniseyskiy r.