The editors have received only one publication: Vytis (Knight (emblem of the Lithuanian state]) no. 4 (March-April 1980). Its contents:
  —    Dybenko, Governor General of Lithuania
  —    Open Letter from J. Sasnauskas
  —    Open Letter to Second Secretary N. K. Dybenko
  —    Statement from A. Statkevičius to N. K. Dybenko
  —    [Miss] D. Keršiūtė's Statement to the People's Court
  —    A Document to the U. N. Secretary General
  —    Statement to USSR Secretary General L. Brezhnev
  —    The Lithuanian Cultural Avant-Gardism of Aničas
  —    New Members of the Lithuanian Helsinki Watch Group
  —    Chronicle of Events
  —    To Those Who Fought
  —    Rasūnas.

*    *    *

Fellow Lithuanian, Do Not Forget!

    Petras Plumpa (Perm Region), Petras Paulaitis (Mordoviya), Sergei Kovalev (Mordoviya), Viktoras Petkus (Chistopol prison), Balys Gajauskas (Mordoviya), Vladas Lapienis (exiled to Teya), Antanas Terleckas (awaiting trial), Julius Sasnauskas (awaiting trial), Povilas Pečeliūnas (awaiting trial), Vytautas Skuodis (awaiting trial), Algirdas Statkevičius (awaiting trial), Anastazas Janulis (awaiting trial), Povilas Buzas (awaiting trial), [Miss] Genovaite Navickaitė (awaiting trial), [Miss] Ona Vitkauskaitė (awaiting trial), [Miss] Jadvyga Stanelytė (awaiting trial) and others are enduring the yoke of bondage in order that you may live and believe in freedom.