A regional conference-seminar took place on October 22-24, 1980, regarding "Russian-Language Homework in National Schools." The draft of recommendations that resulted urged teachers to "try by all possible means to involve the students in various forms of homework in the Russian language .... To organize a Russian-speaking environment throughout the schools: Russian language days and weeks, Olympics, various competitions, debates, etc."

The methodology letter contains instructions for planning Pioneer meetings, Communist Youth League meetings, and other events in the Russian language. It is suggested that conditions be created for teachers to interact with students in the Russian language. It is recommended that geography, history, biology, etc., be taught in Russian.

On September 2, 1980, KGB agent Blazauskas visited the Medical School in Šiauliai and summoned third-year group 7 student [Miss] Irena Dapkutė from class. He wanted to recruit her for security police work and warned her not to tell anyone of their meeting. Irena would not promise to participate. Failing to achieve anything, he once again tried on September 8 to entice the girl with tempting promises, saying that he would help her get into high school (even though she was first in her class). Failing to recruit Irena, the agent began to question her about certain residents of Šiauliai: M. Jurevičius, [Mrs.] Petkevičienė, and J. Petkevičius, slandering them in a variety of ways.

The Chekist also tried to similarly recruit Irena's friend [Miss] Vida Uksaitė, but she sternly refused.

On November 17,1980, Security agent Blazauskas once again took Irena Dapkutė out of school and brought her to headquarters. The story was repeated, including the slandering and putting down of the Šiauliai residents M. Jurevičius, J. Petkevičienė, and others. Again the Chekist failed to achieve anything.

On November 12, 1980, atheist leader [Mrs.] Kaminskienė of the Josvainiai Middle School sent grade 6 A students [Miss] Genutė Brigytė and [Miss] Daiva Vasiliutė to the principal's office. Principal Vitas Rakickas shouted at them hysterically because they took along their classmate [Miss] Kalinaitė when going to church to sing.

On July 27, 1980, the Feast of St. Ann was being celebrated in the Betygala parish. It was also First Communion Day for the children. A group of teachers and security agents stood outside the churchyard gates watching and photographing the participants of the procession.

On September 7,1980, the parish celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of the church. The children who took part in the festivities were interrogated at school and ridiculed. The schoolgirls Asta Jociūtė and Kareivaitė were severely scolded and ridiculed by their teacher, [Mrs.] Viršilienė.

On November 24-29,1980, the atheist group at Prienai Secondary School no. 2 under the leadership of [Mrs.] V. Tamašauskienė prepared an atheistic week. Included in the program were an exhibit of student drawings on the theme "Atheists Smile," an atheistic lecture, the production of a bulletin board, and an evening of questions and answers (a meeting with the atheist Morkvėnas).

On November 24, 1980, several mothers of believing students, having learned of the exhibit of atheistic drawings in progress, went to Principal Mickas and demanded that the drawings be taken down. The principal categorically refused.

On November 26, 1980, a group of believing pupils, Aldonas Gudaitis (llC), Algis Gudaitis (llC), Sigitas Bitkauskas (10B), [Miss] Jūratė Kaukmanaitė (10A), [Miss] Lina Banytė (9A), [Miss] Lina Bitkauskaitė(9B),[Miss[Jane Kazlauskaitė (9B), [Miss] Snieguolė Golmonaitė (9B), [Miss] Aldona Černevičiūtė (9C), [Miss] Marytė Gudaitytė (9), [Miss] Virginija Stamkauskaitė (8), and [Miss] Vida Kaminskaitė (8) went to the principal's office to ask that the atheistic week be abolished or at least that the exhibit of atheistic books not be shown publicly (they suggested the rooms of the Communist Youth League or of the Pioneers).

The principal tried to change the subject. When he was unable to do so, he stated that he would carefully consider the requests and would respond to them the following morning.

At the appointed hour everyone met in the principal's office once again. During the discussion the principal wrote down the names of all the students and stated that he would not transfer the exhibit of atheistic books anywhere. On the contrary, the books would be publicly displayed.

Nevertheless, the exhibit was held in the Pioneers room.
On November 28 two security agents visited the school. The following pupils were interrogated: Aldonas Gudaitis (llC), [Miss] Jane Kazlauskaitė (9B), and [Miss] Virginija Stamkauskaitė (8C). The Chekists were interested in finding out who had organized this action. The security people were especially annoyed by the fact that as the students were leaving the principal's office, they bade him "Sudiev!" ("go with God" — Tr.), thus insulting the principal.