Žemaičių Kalvarija
The number of   Communion Hosts distributed at Žemaičių Kalvarija during the religious festival of Mary: 
1966 —  6,944 
1970 —  8,624
1977 — 12,511
1978 — 16,413
1979 — 20,250
1980 — 22,100
This year during the festival the faithful took more than 4,000 cards with a pledge of abstinence or sobriety.

Miroslavas (Alytus Rayon)

On August 24, 1980, during the Festival of St. Bartholomew, a temperance meeting took place. Sermons on the topic of temperance were delivered during the services. A majority of the faithful pledged not to use alcoholic beverages or else to use them within limits. In the churchyard an antialcohol program was presented.

On May 2, 1980, during a cooperative project on the fortress hill of Jurgaičiai (Šiauliai Rayon), temperance enthusiasts spoke inviting the participants in the project not to drink alcoholic beverages and to join in the struggle for sobriety. All of the participants pledged themselves to sobriety.

In many places in Lithuania the unhealthy custom of offering alcoholic beverages to participants in a funeral has almost disappeared.