Antašava (Kupiškis Rayon)
On January 25,1981, a boy who died in a tragic accident was being buried in Antašava. An honor guard made up of grade-4B schoolgirls stood by the coffin in church. At the cemetery [Miss] Virginija Lukosevičiūtė, an eighth-grade student, read a religious poem.

Shortly after the funeral, [Mrs.] Dlutskienė, a teacher, summoned Lukosevičiūtė to the teachers' room and scolded her using profanities. The enraged teacher shouted, "You degrade the honor of the Soviet school. We'll write a bad letter of reference, and you won't be accepted at any school of higher education!"

Dlutskienė carried out her threat. The student's letter of reference notes "she has not developed a materialistic outlook."


During February 21-26, 1981, Principal Nausėda of Garliava Secondary School no. 1 interrogated grade-10 student Vytautas Gluoksnis. The principal could not tolerate the student's playing the organ and singing in the church choir. Wishing to practice his religion with no interference, Gluoksnis wrote a statement of resignation from the Communist Youth League.

On March 16 Vytautas Gluoksnis and his sister Birutė (also a tenth-grader) were taken to the Kaunas Rayon Communist Youth Committee. Secretary Miškinis attempted to persuade the students to stop attending religious services and to remain members of the Communist Youth League so as not to ruin their futures. Vytautas and Birutė presented a new statement in both their names and their Communist Youth cards shortly thereafter. The school Communist Youth organization still considers them members but is preparing to expel them. The conduct of both students was graded'unsatisfactory' at the end of the academic year.


On April 21-22, 1981, Principal Nausėda questioned [Miss] Daiva Naikelytė (grade 9) and Mindaugas Babonas (grade 9). The principal tried to convince them that students are forbidden to attend religious services. Furthermore, he threatened that if they did not improve, he would hand them over to the security police.


On May 28, 1981, a security agent visiting Garliava Secondary School no. 1 interrogated the ninth-grade students Mindaugas Babonas and Antanas Sutkaitis. He took the students to the Kaunas security police headquarters after two hours of interrogation and detained them for two and one-half hours. The students were threatened with detention in the cellar, internment in a colony, etc. Mindaugas Babonas was urged to collaborate with the KGB, but the student absolutely refused, stating he would never do so.

On April 21, 1981, during a meeting of the Communist Youth Committee at Garliava Secondary School no. 1, Assistant Principal [Mrs.] Beitnariene and the head of the atheistic section, [Mrs.] Petrusevičienė, a teacher, with Assistant Principal Neimantas in attendance, questioned Communist Youth Committee members whether they believe in God. Out of the twenty students eighteen said they did. Two girls were expelled from the committee.