In the summer of 1972, a girl helped the parishioners of Ąžuolu Būda prepare children for their First Communion. On August 3 this girl was apprehended by the principal of the secondary school in Ažuolų Būda and the secretary of the Party organization of the Šviesa[Light] Collective Farm and turned over to the secret police in Kapsukas.

After being interrogated, the "offender" was handed over to the school authorities for "re-education." It is unclear how this "re-education" is being accomplished.

On January 8, 1973, the Rev. J. Zdebskis was summoned to Prienai police headquarters, from where he was transported under police guard to an outpatient clinic for a medical examination to determine if he were capable of physical labor.

On January 26, 1973, Father Zdebskis was presented with a strict warning to find some kind of work within fifteen days other than priestly duties, for otherwise he would be provided with work at the discretion of the police.

The civil authorities permitted Father Zdebskis to carry out his priestly duties only in the Telšiai Diocese. What was this ruling based on since Father Zdebskis has not been sentenced to exile by a civil court? Church laws do not include banishments; besides which, Father Zdebskis has not violated any Church laws. According to Church law, he belongs to the Vilkaviškis Diocese and is under no obligation to work in another diocese.