On Nov. 10, 1972, at about 3 p.m. the Rev. Prosperas Bubnys was released from the Kaunas strict-regime prison camp after having been sentenced a year ago for teaching children the tenets of their faith. Priests and a group of believers greeted the prisoner. Some members of the prison administration were even able to see a scene unusual for this place—a bouquet of roses in the hands of the priest-prisoner.

On November 15 the choristers of Girkalnis organized a reception for Father Bubnys. The choir sang during mass, and the church was full of people even though the faithful had not been informed of the reception in advance. Everyone felt that the year spent in the camp was not just a victory for Father Bubnys alone, but for the entire Church in Lithuania.

The Raseiniai Rayon administration declared to Father Bubnys that it had no claims upon him and would not prevent him from performing his priestly duties.

After a few months had passed, Father Bubnys was appointed pastor at the parish in Lygumai.