In accordance with the order of October 15, 1972, given by Lauraitis, chief of the Interrogation Office of the Ministry of the Interior, Vytautas Lažinskas was brought to the Naujoji Vilnia psychoneurological hospital.

On the night of July 21, 1972, he had erected a metal cross that was five-and-a-half meters high near Klaipėda Road on the outskirts of Ariogala. Government officials pulled down the cross the next day and the "offender" was interrogated.

The court's psychiatric commission headed by Glau-berzonas determined that V. Lažinskas was lucid and of a good disposition except for a slightly weakened memory, that his intellect corresponded to his education and experience in life, that he showed no deviations of a physical or neurological nature.

The court's psychiatric commission pronounced V. Lažinskas to be suffering from paranoid psychopathy since he does not admit to having committed a crime and had recounted "systematized delirious ideas of a religious nature"; thus, he was irresponsible and in need of medical treatment in a psychiatric hospital.