Luokė (R a y o n of Telšiai)

On March 4, 1982 , Luokė Middle School Vice Principal (Mrs.) Tendziagolskienė publicly threatened pupil Lešciauskas, before the whole class, that his conduct mark would be lowered for going to church. At the end of February, Principal Limantas sum­moned the grandmother who was raising the five Kikilus grand­children and threatened her: "If your grandchildren continue to go to church and hang around the altar, they will be taken away from you and turned over to the state to rear."

On April 12, 1982, History Teacher (Mrs.) Mitkuvienė asked her pupils who of them had been to church, and demanded that they reveal what the priest had said. Teacher (Mrs.) Skriabienė ridicules churchgoing pupils before the whole class. She is especially fanatical in her hatred of them.

Viešvėnai (Rayon of Telšiai)

On March 7, 1982, in the Viešvėnai Middle School, a parent-teacher meeting was baing specially held at the very hour when a parish retreat was taking place in church. During the meeting, the principal, (Mrs.) Stancelienė said, "Faith encourages a person to be a hypocrite. See, not a single pupil who goes to church is willing to ad­mit it to us! Well, pupils, which of you goes to church?"

Suddenly, pupil Pronskus stood up. The principal, losing control of herself, began to threaten the pupil, "Your conduct mark is being lowered!" The boy's homeroom teacher tried to defend him, "Principal, he is one of my best pupils!"

"No matter, lower his conduct mark!" The principal insisted. In this fashion, conduct marks have been lowered for pupils who study well: 7th Grader Antanas Pronskus; his brother Stasys, a 6th Grader; his sister Marytė, a 4th Grade pupil; 6th Grade pupil Daiva Končiūtė; and 3rd Grader Elena Lukauskaitė.


Tryškiai (Rayon of Telšiai)

    On April 13, 1982. Teacher (Mrs.) Stasė Žukauskienė of Tryš­kiai Middle School began a campaign of persecution against reli­giously believing pupils in the 7th Grade. Especially suffering from her are those who serve at Mass, for example, pupils Al­girdas Urnikis and Juozas Maneikis. The teacher calls them ignora-mouses, bootlickers of the pastor, Father Sirtautas, half-wits, etc. Moreover, in class, she lines up those pupils who have been to church at Easter and ridicules their Faith, the Church and the priests. Teacher Žukauskienė is considered the best atheist in the rayon; she pub­lishes many atheistic articles in the press in which she is constantly complaining that atheists never use force against believers, and that this must not be allowed.

Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher, (Mrs.) Bronė Kasparavičienė also persecutes children who go to church. She summons them one at a time to the teachers' room and threatens that they will be ex­pelled from school and never accepted anywhere; she ridicules them in front of the whole class, and makes fun of them in all kinds of ways. Her victims are the pupils: Antanas and Robertas Lybikas, Algirdas Terminas and others. Teacher (Mrs.) Kasparavičienė even dares to berate the parents for allowing the children to go to church, asserting that there will be no place in school for children who are believers.

Upyna (Rayon of Telšiai)

On January 31, 1982, after a religious festival, Secretary (Mrs.) Rita Baranauskienė of the Upyna Middle School Communist Youth League, and Teacher (Mrs.) Baltramiejūnienė, went about the homes of pupils who were religious believers and bitterly scolded the pupils and their parents. In their words, even grown-ups do not have the right to go to church, and for taking children to church, they could be brought to trial.


Nevarėnai (Rayon of Telšiai)

In May, 1982, in the Middle School of Nevarėnai, Second Grade Teacher (Mrs.) Bielskienė told those pupils who go to church to raise their hands, and afterwards, ordered all of them to make the sign of the cross. Religiously believing pupils had their conduct marks lowered.

Fifth-grade Homeroom Teacher, (Miss) Dapkevičiūtė has also lowered conduct marks of believing pupils. The pupils protesting such unjust behavior on the part of the teachers took off their Pioneer kerchiefs in school. Interrogations, a search for the organ­izers and threats against the parents began. Learning of this, the pastor, Father Bronius Latakas, announced in church that teachers acting in this way break the law. The teachers bestirred themselves to try to convince the children that they should testify that there had been none of that in school, and that they would take the pastor to court for libel. About twenty parents wrote the pastor a complaint confirming the campaign of persecution being carried on against religiously believing pupils in school.


On May 18,1982, in Grade 10B of Prienai Middle School II, (Miss, Violeta Kacergiūtė was summoned to the principal's office. Here Security Agent Gudaitis was waiting for her. The chekist accused the girl of writing Christmas greetings to prisoners. In the course of the interrogation, Security Agent Gudaitis mentioned that all letters pass through his hands.

On May 25, the same security agent interrogating Violeta showed her a Christmas greeting written to prisoners by the youth of Prienai.