On October 29, 1982, in the Edvardas Tičkus Middle School in Rokiškis, the leader of the atheist group, Teacher (Mrs.) Milda Dilienė, summoned believing pupil (Miss) Gita Tervydytė, Class 6C, and tried to convince her to be responsible in her class for atheism, and demanded that the girl bring two books of religious content or a prayerbook. "During atheist meetings we will read the prayerbook and have a laugh at the crazy prayers," Teacher Dilienė added, grinning. Gita Tervydytė refused to obey such demands of the teacher.


On Sunday, October 31, 1982, during evening devotions, Teacher Milda Dilienė, leader of the E. Tičkus Middle School atheist group of Rokiškis, together with the leader of Pioneers at the same school, came to church spying to find out who serves at Mass. After rudely disturbing he order in church, they chased away school­children who were serving at the altar during Holy Mass.


On December 11, 1982, a parents' meeting took place in the E. Tičkus Middle School of Rokiškis. At the meeting were Party Committee Instructor (Mrs.) Karolina Naprienė and Rayon Executive Committee Vice Chairman Firas.

Instructor Neprienė angrily scolded those parents whose children go to church, and forbade he children as a group to celebrate Christ­mas, Easter or other religious holidays. In her talk, (Mrs.) Nap­rienė tried to convince the parents that the Russian language is essential, even for kindergarten children, and that without it comtemporary life is impossible. "All parents must make their children study the Russian language well," said the instructor. During the meeting, (Mrs.) Naprienė was especially annoyed at the behavior of Rokiškis Associate Pastor, Father Vladas Braukyla, because the latter in his sermons urges parents to bring their children to church, participate in processions and she considered such work on the part of the priest to be criminal.

Throughout the meeting, (Mrs.) Naprienė constantly read para­graphs from the Criminal Code, addressing them to Father Brau­kyla. "We are taperecording all of his sermons. For such activity, we will put him in jail," Instructor Naprienė fumed. "Only-atheism may be taught to the child from kindergarten on; religion may be taught from the age of eighteen," (Mrs.) Neprienė ended her talk.


On September 30, 1982, a meeting of the Educational Council took place at Telšiai City Middle School III, to which the parents of pupil Elena Gudaitė were summoned. After the meeting, it was announced to the whole school that Elena Gudaite's conduct mark had been lowered to "2", on account of her anti-Soviet behavior at Žemaičių Kalvarija. (During the religious festival, she had worn a green dress.)