Together with our shepherds and all our priests, we the faithful of Lithuania most cordially greet you Holy Father, working for a quarter of a century, honorably, courageously, faithfully with the episcopal power granted you in the name of the holy Apostles, Peter and Paul.

Today, not one of us from the land of Nemunas is able to kneel at the foot of your honorable throne, so in our hearts we kneel there, expressing our deepest homage and gratitude for your concern and attention shown to our small nation.

In thanksgiving, and in petition for further blessings upon you, we offer to the Heavenly Father the unbloody sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, joining to it the sufferings of the martyrs in Siberia and the current sufferings of our fellow countrymen for the Church and for the homeland, and for freedom of religion and conscience. May it be a symbol of gratitude, homage and fidelity to the Holy See.

The Faithful of Lithuania