Kiaukliai (Širvintai Rayon)

On January 17 and April 19, 1984, the Principal of Kiaukliai Primary School, Mrs. J. Grigaitienė, Žibaliai District Chairman Karaliūnas, and several KGB agents who had come in, interrogated pupils: Elvira Polkaitė, her brother Juozas Polka, Rūta and Julita Gu-donis and Rūta Markauskaitė. The pupils were pressured to write statements explaining why they visited the rectory, what kind of films the pastor, Father Rokas Puzonas, showed them, who visits the pastor, from where, what the pastor gives them for coming to church and serving Mass, whether they go to church spontaneously or under duress from their parents, etc. When they refused to write the state­ments, the students were threatened that they would be taken to the Čiobiškis Juvenile Colony. The frightened children returned to their homes, teary-eyed and badly shaken. The mother of the terrorized children, Mrs. Ona Polkienė, went to Vice Chairman Tvirbotas of the Širvintai Rayon Executive Committee, to find out on what grounds her children and other religiously believing children are being threatened in the Kiaukliai Primary School. Tvirbotas said that no one has the right to terrorize children just because they go to church.


In May, 1984, as the faithful were congregating for evening devotions, school-age adolescents kept running in and out, checking to see who of the school-children went to May devotions. At one point, one of them photographed girls who were gathering in church for adoration. Sometimes later, Teacher Miss Šimkūnytė, summoning some of the girls, showed them the pictures which had been taken and asked. "Is this you?"

Raguva (Panevėžys Rayon)

At the beginning of September, 1984, Principal Vytautas Nare-čionis of the Raguva Middle School ordered teachers to draw lists of pupils who had made their First Communion during the summer of 1984, and submit them to him.