Šaukėnai (Kelmė Rayon)

In October, 1984, pupils of Communist Youth League age at the Šaukėnai Middle School who had refused to join the Communist Youth League were then taken to Kelmė for rehabili­tation. After the prescribed rehabilitation, only one girl agreed to join the Communist League

Vidsodis (Kelmė Rayon)

On October 15, 1984, the Turauskas family, residents of Vidsodis, were visited by elementery school Principal Kęstutis Vinča. Angry and upset, the principal berated Adomas Turauskas for taking his son, Modestas, a pupil in the fifth class, to church, and not allowing him to join the Pioneers. The father explained, "I go to church and my child does, and he does not wish to be a Pioneer." When the principal continued to scold Turauskas, a visitor who had been with Turauskas intervened in the conversation, "Why the big fuss? At the present time, they're proclaiming religious liberty!"

On October 16, in school, Assistant Principal (Mrs.) Merkelienė, assailed Modestas Turauskas, "Why do you go to church? Why don't you enroll in the Pioneers? We'll show you yet!" the assistant principal threatened the boy. The teacher turned Modestas' classmates against him, and they began ridiculing their friend. Terrified, the boy fell ill. The parents had to consult a physician. For a week, Modestas Turauskas could not go to school on account of illness.