Presented below is a report made by the pastor of this parish to H.E. Bishop J. Labukas:

    "On May 30, 1973, the husband of Petrė Klimienė hired a car and took mo, the pastor of the parish in Girdžiai, to Smalininkai to minister to his critically ill wife, who was in the contagious diseases ward of the hospital. We arrived at 6 p.m. Her husband was permitted to go into the ward to see the sick woman, but they did not allow me, a priest, to enter. The doctor insisted I telephone Jurbarkas and obtain permission from the rayon office. I had to return without administering the sacraments to a seriously ill patient.

    "When a condemned man asks for a cigarette or some other item, he is granted his last wish. Yet undergoing treatment here was not a criminal but a loyal Soviet citizen, and she was not shown any human kindness. If her husband was allowed into the ward, why was I refused admittance?

    "Similar overeagerness by Soviet employees only serves to irritate citizens and set them against the present form of government.

    "Should Your Excellency have occasion to talk to the commissioner of the Council for Religious Affairs, perhaps it would be worthwhile to inform him about this.
Girdžiai June i, 1973"