• An appeal to teachers to respect the religious beliefs of their students

  • Interrogations, searches, and threats are aftermath of petitions to governmental agencies

  • Text of a petition to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the LSSR signed by 540 believers

  • New commissioner of the Council for Religious Affairs, K. Tumėnas, holds introductory meeting

  • The authorities hamper the administration of the sacrament of confirmation

  • The authorities interfere with catechization

  • 120 parents sign a petition concerning the inequities experienced by school children because of their faith

  • The first anniversary of Romas Kalantds tragic self-immolation

  • Court proceedings encourage burglarization of churches

  • Critically ill woman is refused permission to receive last rites

  • Texts of the Rev. A. Liesis' appeal to the People's Court of Utena and his statement of defense,

  • Girls wearing religious medals are punished

  • Crosses erected on several farmsteads are ordered to be demolished

  • Sellers of devotional articles are assaulted

  • Text of written explanation by the Rev. G. Dovydaitis to charges concerning his sermon


No. 7     1973