In the month of October, 1973, [Mrs.] Augustinavičienė, a resident of Klaipėda, was apprehended and taken to police headquarters for selling religious articles at the church door. The People's Court fined Augustinavičienė twenty rubles and confiscated the religious goods.

    In early 1973 government officials had instructed the pastor of Klaipėda to drive away from the vicinity of the church all vendors of religious objects. The police and the auxiliary police would rather not arrest those who sell religious objects right at the church door.

    With such "freedom" of religion, where are the faithful to purchase rosaries, prayer books, or medals?

* * *

    History teacher Mažeika of Klaipėda Secondary School No. 5 ridicules religion and students who go to church. As Easter, 1973, was approaching, teacher Mažeika threatened the students of Class 4 F "Don't try to go to church even on Easter Sunday because I'll be there to check on you. If I see anyone in church, remember, those will get a failing grade in history from me."