On August 4-5, 1973, the Sacrament of Confirmation was to be administered at Alunta. Unfortunately, the rites were cancelled by telegram from the curia of Panevėžys "because of the harvesting." The telegrams were received on August 3-4, when it was already too late to even inform the people. A huge crowd of people gathered. There were also a goodly number of police. The people repeatedly cursed the government for interfering in the bishop's administration of the sacraments. People were saying that even during the days of serfdom it was possible to keep holy the Sabbath, but under the Soviet regime, people were expected to work like slaves all year long.

     During the summer of 1973, officials of Anykščiai Rayon checked on a total of three occasions to see whether the pastor of Dabužiai, Father Serafinas Zvinys, was teaching religious truths to children. They failed, however, to catch the priest in the act. The administrative commission of the Anykščiai Rayon Executive Committee fined the "perverter of youth" fifty rubles, explaining that a complaint had been made which had to be believed.

     During the summer of 1973, as Pastor Stepas Galvydis was testing the children's knowledge of religious truths before their First Communion, the rayon chairman arrived, together with the school principal and the chairman of the collective farm. They wrote up a report stating that the priest was teaching religion to large groups of children. The administrative commission of the Anykščiai Rayon Executive Committee fined the pastor fifty rubles. Father Galvydis paid the fine and obtained a receipt from the bank marked "for teaching religion to children."