1. [Miss] Bronė Pupkevičiūtė, candidate for a graduate degree in education, who had been working as a senior fellow at the Scientific Research Institute of Pedagogy. On May 7, 1973, V. Rajeckas, director of the institute, under pressure from the organs of state security, ordered her to submit a statement that she was resigning of her own free will. Pupkevičiūtė is accused of having been a nun.

    2. [Miss] Domicėlė Gailiušytė, a French language instructor with a college degree, who had been working at the secondary school in N. Vilnia. She was discharged from work in May, 1973. Gailiušytė is accused of having been a nun.

     3. [Miss] Elena Šulinauskaitė, chief laboratory assistant of the history department at the University of Vilnius (college graduate). In May, 1973, Assistant Rector B. Sudavičius informed her that it was impossible for her to engage in any educative work at the university because she was a nun.

    4. Šidla Voldemaras, a graduate in economics, who worked as director of the School of Commerce. At the end of May, 1973, he was discharged because he would not expel two students who wanted to commemorate the sixteenth of February [Lithuanian Independence Day].