At the end of January, 1977, a new publication for priests ap­peared in Lithuania, entitled Tiesos Kelias (Way of Truth). In ap­pearance, it is similar to the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania and other underground publications. (Typed carbon copies passed from hand to hand — Transl. Note).

Tiesos Kelias, according to its publishers, will be "a window through which more light can be shed on the lives of our priests". It intends to share pastoral experience with priests, to acquaint them with new developments in theology and philosophy, and to provide news of the Catholic world.

A reading of the first issue of Tiesos Kelias leaves a good im­pression: The publishers deal with practical problems and try to answer them concretely. (A journal for priests and laity by the same title was published for years in independent Lithuania — Transl. Note).

We can only rejoice that Tiesos Kelias has come out just in time, for the Soviet government plans to publish an official journal for priests, like the Journal of the Patriarchate of Moscow. The priests of Lithuania want no such publication.

The Chronicle urges all priests to join actively in the publica­tion and the circulation of Tiesos Kelias.