Sad news has reached us concerning the seminary and the kind of spirit which has recently taken hold there. Without mentioning specific facts, we urge you, Brothers, do not grow old in spirit. Only an old person feels an excessive need for rest, conveniences, warmth, and good food. Youth must be aggressive, heedless of any incon­venience, because it is fired by high ideals.

It is worth recalling our young people from times past. They used to organize groups to write, criticize, debate, without a single complaint about difficult conditions! All were concerned for their oppressed country. Hungry and ill-clothed, they used to devote all their energies to publishing and circulating books and newspapers.

We have few priests, so Lithuania is looking for resolute priests of noble spirit. How many priests and bishops were tortured to death for their loyalty to the Church and Country? How many today die before their time, because the Gulag Archipelago has drained their strength?

Their places must be taken not by spineless characters, but by men of fire with youthful and holy idealism. It will be your task to elevate the Nation's spirit, to stand up courageously against lies, deceit, hatred and the spirit of submissiveness. Will you be able to do so, if you get mired in a swamp of convenience and self-love?

We direct your attention to Bishop Valančius, who so ingenious­ly resisted the assimilation of Lithuania and efforts to make it Or­thodox; to Bishop Teofilius Matulionis, who walked the way of suffering in Communist camps three times, but never transgressed his own conscience. Don't forget that our nation will write off as trash all the conformists and "diplomats" who in our most difficult hour went along with the enemies of Church and Country, who ate well and then dozed while the enemy mercilessly smothered and throttled everyone.

Let no promises or threats break your spirit. Better to quit the seminary than to crawl all your life, bearing the shameful title of "informer". If for any reason you have ties with Security, at all costs —even of your life—break off that vile agreement!

Young brothers, do not fear hardship. Learn to sacrifice your­selves in earnest, since where there is no sacrifice, there is no love. A priest without a great heart is nothing but a sorrow to the Church and a misfortune to himself.

We pray constantly that the difficulties of the present time would not break you, but would toughen you, and that you would gather under the banner of Christ as elite troops.

Your Brother Priests