Aušra (The Dawn) No. 8 (48). The article "What Should We Do?" indicates what must be done to prevent Lithuania form being annihilated. The most important means of resisting the loss of national identity is to nurture faith and morality. This issue contains a collection of songs and poems entitled "When the Thorns Bloom." A large portion of the issue is devoted to the documents (No. 3 through 12) of the Lithuanian Public Group Supporting Adherance to the Helsinki Agreements. It recounts the arrests of Lithuanian Helsinki Group member Viktoras Petkus and the founding of the Latvian-Estonian-Lithuanian National Movement Committee.

Tiesos Kelias (The Way of Truth) No. 5. Issue number 5 of Tiesos Kelias and a separate section containing sermons and material for sermons was published in October of this year. The issue reports on liturgical reforms, contains much news on the life of the Catholic Church and touches on questions of spiritual practice—new trends in the present-day instruction of children—and remarks on proper respect for the dead.

Many biographical details on the late Rev. J. Gribulis are presented.

The issue encompasses 93 pages.

Fellow Lithuanian, Do Not Forget!

P. Plumpa, P. Petronis, N. Sadūnaitė, S. Kovalev, O. Pranskūnaitė, V. Lapienis, V. Petkus and others who bear the shackles of imprisonment so you might freely believe and live.