Priests of the Telšiai Diocese who were murdered or confined in prisons and labor camps:

1. Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius, arrested in 1946. Sentenced to death by firing squad on August 29, 1946. Executed at the beginning of November 1946. He was cruelly tortured at the Vilnius prison because he refused to plead for mercy.

2. Bishop Pranciškus Ramanauskas, Kaunas Seminary professor, later Telšiai Seminary professor, consecrated bishop in 1945. Ar­rested in 1946, released in 1955. Died in 1962.

3. The Rev. Pranas Gustaitis, former pastor of Kaltinėnai, ar­rested in 1946, and sentenced to be shot together with Bishop V.(incentas) Borisevičius. Executed in November 1946. Before his death, he wrote to a priest friend from the Vilnius prison, "Our hardships and suffering are coming to an end. We have been sentenced to die. We are dying without knowing our crime!"

4. The very Rev. Antanas Kruša, former Telšiai Seminary pro­fessor, arrested in 1947, died on November 23, 1952 in Archangelsk at the Ertsev labor camp. He is buried there.

5. The Rev. Dr. Kazimieras Prialgauskas, retired pastor of Palanga, arrested on 9/4/50, released 7/2/54.

6.   The Rev. Jonas Staškevičius, former pastor of Žemaičių Kalvarija. Two monuments have been erected to his memory: in the Žemaičių Kalvarija Cemetery and in the Village of Pakalniš­kis, Kruopiai Parish. People visit these monuments and pray as to a saint. He was arrested in 1950. Harsh interrogations broke his health. He died 5/31/55 in Sverdlovsk at the Ivdela Labor Camp.

7.   The Rev. Jonas Kalvaitis, former Upyna pastor, arrested in 1946, died in Vladimir Prison in 1953.

8.   The Rev. Tadas Budraitis, Telšiai Seminary professor, ar­rested 2/26/51, released 7/17/56. Returned with broken health. Died 4/18/62, buried at Jurbarkas.

9.      The Rev. Vaclovas Rasimas, arrested 8/1/49, released 1/27/56, died 1/13/60, buried at Lieplaukė.

10. The Rev. Tadas Jokubauskas, arrested 4/13/49, released 7/11/56, died 9/22/61, buried at Kaltinėnai.

11. The Right Rev. Povilas Pukys, arrested 7/30/45, released 2/15/55, died 8/22/64, buried at the Žemaičių Kalvarija Cemetery.

12. The Right. Rev. Justinas Juodaitis, arrested 12/20/49, re­leased 11/7/56, died 2/3/69, buried in the Kražiai churchyard.

13.    The Rev. Bronislavas Šveikauskas, arrested 7/12/49, re­leased 7/6/56, died 10/3/68, buried at Pagėgiai.

14.    The Rev. Jonas Našlėnas, arrested 2/20/49, released 6/27/56, died 1/8/74, buried in the Kuliai Cemetery.

15.    The Rev. Jonas Skirmantas, arrested 4/19/50, released 5/11/56, died 10/28/75, buried at Ilakiai.

16. The Rev. Adomas Alminas, retired pastor of Plungė,
arrested 8/28/48, released 8/10/56.

17. The Rev. Antanas Augutis, Pastor of Kretinga, arrested 12/9/50, released 3/25/56.

18. The Rev. Klemensas Arlauskas, arrested 2/6/49, released 4/3/56. Resides in Ilakiai as retired pastor.

19. The Rev. Julius Budrikis, pastor of Pajūralis, arrested 4/11/50, released 8/10/56.

20. The Rev. Antanas Ivanauskas, Pastor of Kuliai, arrested 8/28/49, released 9/1/56.

21. The Rev. Antanas Bunkus, Pastor of Andriejavas, arrested 1/26/57, released 9/9/62.

22. The Rev. Jonas Ilskis, long-time Palanga pastor, arrested 3/24/49, released 4/6/56. Was very cruelly interrogated. Returned with broken health. Currently, retired pastor of Viekšniai.

23. The Rev. Jonas Gedvilas, Pastor of Rietavą, arrested 1953, released 1956.

24. The Rev. Kazimieras Gylys, retired pastor of Kretinga, arrrested 1946, released 1955.

25. The Rev. Petras Jasas, Pastor of Kruopiai, arrested 1945, released 1970. Cruelly tortured by the Klaipėda and Kretinga Security police. Released from prison, he was not allowed to return to Lithuania. Lived in exile in Latvia. Returned to Lithuania in 1970. Currently resides in Kruopiai.

26. The Very Rev. Juozapas Grubliauskas, Pastor of Šilutė, arrested 10/3/50, released 9/19/56.

27. The Rev. Antanas Jurgaitis, Pastor of Ilakiai, arrested 3/7/57, released 9/12/60.

28. The Very Rev. Antanas Kiela, arrested 1950, released 1954. Returned from prison with broken health.

29. The Rev. Boleslovas Lašas, Pastor of Medingėnai, arrested 11/5/50, released 6/8/56.

30. The Rev. Jonas Lukošius, Pastor of Rubikiai, arrested 1946, released 1954.

31. The Rev. Konstantinas Petrikas, Pastor of Truikinai, arrested 1947, released 1955.

32. The Rev. Vincentas Senkus, Pastor of Šačiai, arrested 1947, released 1956.

33.    The Rev. Vaclovas Stirbys, Pastor of Leckava, arrested 4/30/50, released July 1956.

34.    The Rev. Valentinas Šikšnys, Retired Pastor of Plungė, arrested 1948, released 1955.

35. The Very Rev. Juozapas Valaitis, Retired Pastor of Šilalė, arrested 1954, released 1955.

36. The Rev. Pranciškus Šatkus, Pastor of Šateikiai, arrested 1945, released 1954.

37. The Rev. Petras Venckus, Pastor of Tūbinė, arrested 1949, released 1955.

38. The Rev. Vincentas Vėlavičius, Pastor of Skaudvilė, arrested 1948, released 1955.

39. Father Pijus Andraitis, arrested 1948, released 1956. Very cruelly tortured, beaten to unconsciousness. Died 1958.

40. Father Augustinas Dirvelė, arrested 1947, shot in 1948 while escaping from the Vorkuta camp.

41. The Rev. Antanas Petronaitis, retired pastor of Kretinga, arrested 6/29/49, released 4/14/56.

42. The Rev. Jonas Janauskas, arrested 1948, died 1950 in a Siberian prison.

43. The Rev. Dr. Kazimieras Alšauskas, arrested 1945, died 1953 in Siberia.

44. The Rev. Antanas Šeškevičius, Assistant Pastor of Gargž­dai, arrested 1949, released 1956; arrested 1962, released 1969; arrested 1970, released 1971.

45. The Rev. Petras Lygnugaris, Retired Pastor of Žemai­čių Kalvarija, arrested 10/18/52, released 3/17/70. Returned with broken health and is presently completely unable to work.

46. The Rev. Vladas Balčiūnas, former Pastor of Akmenė, ar­rested 1945, died in 1946 in a Siberian prison.

47. The Rev. Jonas Pakalniškis, Assistant Pastor of Mažeikiai, arrested 1948, released 1956.

48. The Rev. Anupras Žukas, Pastor of Barstyčiai, arrested 1946, released 1956.

Priests Who Were Denied the Right to Perform their Duties:

1. The Rev. Petras Lygnugaris — 6 months

2. The Rev. Bernardas Talaišius — 1 year

3. The Rev. Adomas Alminas — 1 year

4. The Rev. Klemensas Arlauskas — 1 year

5. The Rev. Julius Tamošauskas — 1 year

Parishes in the Diocese of Telšiai Without a Priest

1.    Spraudė (Rayon of Plungė), served from Rietavas

2.    Beržonas (Rayon of Plungė), served from Plateliai

3.    Gegrėnai (Rayon of Plungė), served from Žemaičių Kalvarija

4.    Ginteliškė (Rayon of Plungė), served from Šateikiai

5.    Pakutuvėnai (Rayon of Plungė), served from Plungė

6.    Pievėnai (Rayon of Mažeikiai), served from Rubikai

7.    Resvara Rayon of Mažeikiai), served from Pikeliai

8.    Ukrinai (Rayon of Mažeikiai), served from Židikiai

9.    Užlieknė (Rayon of Mažeikiai), served from Viekšniai

10.   Žemalė (Rayon of Mažeikiai), served from Tirkšliai

11.   Budriai (Rayon of Kretinga), served from Kartena

12.   Kalnalis (Rayon of Kretinga), served from Kretinga

13.   Mykoliškė (Rayon of Kretinga), served from Gargždai

14.   Šventoji (Rayon of Kretinga), served from Palanga

15.   Tūbausiai (Rayon of Kretinga), served from Darbėnai

16.   Dauginiai (Rayon of Akmenė), served from Tryškiai

17.   Šiaudinė (Rayon of Akmenė), served from Tryškiai

18.   Šiaudinė (Rayon of Akmenė), served from Papilė

19.   Juozapavas (Rayon of Šiauliai), served from Raudėnai

20.   Šakyna (Rayon of Šiauliai), served from Latveliai

21.   Varputėnai (Rayon of Šiauliai), served from Šaukėnai

22.   Žukančiai (Rayon of Joniškis), served from Kruopiai

23.   Vaičaičiai (Rayon of Skuodas), served from Ilakiai

24.   Girdiškė (Rayon of Šilalė), served from Upyna

25.   Didkiemis (Rayon of Šilalė), served from Pajūris

26.   Pašilė (Rayon of Kelmė), served from Karklėnai

27.   Degučiai (Rayon of Šilutė), served from Žemaičių Naumiestis

28.   Rubkojai (Rayon of Šilutė), served from Sartininkai

29.   Rūkai (Rayon of Šilutė), served from Pagėgiai

29.   Stemplės (Rayon of Šilutė), served from Pajūralis

30.   Vilkyčiai (Rayon of Šilutė), served from Viešvilė

31.   Saugos Rayon of Šilutė), served from Švėkšna

32.   Smalininkai ( Rayon of Jurbarkas), served from Viešvilė

33.   Pašaltoms (Rayon of Jurbarkas), served from Gaurė

34.   Vaitimėnai (Rayon of Tauragė), served from Lomiai

35.   Eigirdžiai (Rayon of Telšiai), served from Nerimdaičiai

36.   Kaunatava (Rayon of Telšiai), served from Ūbiškė

37.   Milkaičiai (Rayon of Telšiai), served from Nerimdaičiai

38.   Viešvienai (Rayon of Telšiai), served from Janapolė