Here, on August 13, 1972, took place the Festival of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Afterward, Stapulionis, the vice-chairman of the Pasvalys Rayon Soviet of Working People's Deputies Executive Committee visited this locality and summoning Father B. Jareckas, the pastor, together with the treasurer of the parochial committee reprimanded them angrily: "Why had so many priests and seminarians been invited? Why had the pastor allowed a priest from another rayon to deliver the sermon? Why had the pastor permitted the girls to wear the national costume in the procession?" In fact, only three priests and as many seminarians took part in the festival. Stapulionis insisted that the priest promise not to give out national costumes to the girls again. When he refused to do so, the vice-chairman forced the members of the parochial committee to sign a statement saying that they would banish the national costume from the church. The "uninvited guest" even wanted to confiscate the national costumes, but he could not find the church keys.

In the entire Pasvalys Rayon it is forbidden to wear the national costume in the churches during processions.