On August 27, 1972, Canon P. Bakšys, the ecclesiastical administrator of the dioceses of Panevėžys and Kaišiadorys, administered the sacrament of Confirmation. The government had permitted only two priests to assist him. About 3,000 were being confirmed. Exhausted from the strenuous work, having scarcely finished delivering a sermon, the Rev. Juozas Ražanskas (b. 1910), dean of Seduva and pastor of the church in Pakruojis, died in the sacristy.
That same day in this town, some hooligans using a brickbat beat up an old woman who sold devotional articles, as she was on her way home. The assailants kicked her repeatedly after she fell down and, grabbing her rosaries and her money, fled. The old lady died in the hospital.