1. Aušra (Dawn), no. 22 (62). This issue appeared in May.
2. Dievas ir Tėvynė (God and country), nos. 15, 16, 17.
3. Vytis (Knight [emblem of the Lithuanian state]), no. 5.
This issue presents the statement-confession of Regiman tas Paulionis, a young man who reveals the KGB traps into
which some of Lithuania's youth have fallen.


Fellow Lithuanian, Do Not Forget!

Petras Plumpa (Chistopol prison), Petras Paulaitis (Mordoviya), Sergei Kovalev (Mordoviya), Viktoras Petkus (Perm Region), Balys Gajauskas (Mordoviya), Vladas Lapienis (exiled to Teya), Algirdas Statkevičius (Chernyiakhovsk Special Psychiatric Hospital-Prison), Antanas Terleckas (tried, address still unknown), Julius Sasnauskas (tried, address still unknown), Povilas Pečeliūnas (awaiting trial), Vytautas Skuodis (awaiting trial), Anastazas Janulis (awaiting trial), Povilas Buzas (awaiting trial), [Miss] Genovaite Navickaitė (awaiting trial), [Miss] Ona Vitkauskaitė (awaiting trial), [Miss] Jadvyga-Gemma Stanelytė (awaiting trial), and others are enduring the yoke of bondage in order that you may live and believe in freedom.