On june 11,1980, the Executive Committee of Ščiučinas Rayon warned the chairman of the parish council that they would be fined up to 100 rubles for permitting children to participate in processions and serve at mass. Pastors would also be similarly punished.

In Ščiučinas Rayon one of the most beautiful of Byelorussia's churches has been shut down in Senosios Vosyliskes for several years now. The people have the key, and on Sundays they assemble to pray. Kazimieras Markievic was fined fifty rubles because he read the Gospel several times this year!

The following priests were fined fifty rubles each for permitting children to serve at mass and participate in a procession: Juzief Grasievič, Antonij Chanko, Zanevskij, the pastor of Astravas, the pastor of Semetovscyzna. The pastor of Astravas was fined fifty rubles merely because a schoolboy assisted him at mass on Easter Sunday.